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Hi! I'm Clare and I am a language nerd.

I'm pretty sure I started becoming interested in conlanging when I was about 12, because that's when I first read Tolkien, and I can't think of any other way I would have heard of conlangs. I know that I started work on my very first conlang, Rebic, when I was in middle school or maybe high school at the latest. It was mostly based on my knowledge of English (my native language, but I probably knew more than the average middle schooler) and the Spanish I took in school.

Now let me tell you about the languages I'm working on developing!

Talani )

Artash )

Now I will make this long post even longer by including some links!

Limyaael's conlang rants
The Language Creation Society which has a lot of links itself
Ogden's Basic English is a list of words in English that some guy decided were the basic words for any language. I'm using them to get started on a vocabulary for my languages.
Awkwords creates random words for you based on your rules, which is really awesome, especially for Artash. Plus you can save the rules and upload them again later, so you can switch between sets of rules. (I have a document for Artash verbs and one for Artash nouns.) The box at the top of the page says it's not being maintained anymore, but the other site doesn't work.

I think everyone here is familiar with Zompist; I recently purchased the book, The Language Construction Kit, and if I have anything to say about it when I get around to working with it, I'll post about it here.


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