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Was nosing around looking for info on various real world natural languages and stumbled across Omniglot. This site seems to have sketches of loads of languages.

It also has a lovely page of idioms in multiple languages - inspiration for idioms for our languages. :-D

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Becka had asked for a list of all syllables of her first language, and I made a little script using javascript (because you only need a browser to "run" that).
You can see it here. If you'd like to adapt it for your own language, save that page to your own computer, and open it in a text editor (for example Notepad). If you want to see the results, open the file in a browser.

Becka would also like a list of all syllables from her pseudo-polynesian language according to the rule (C)V(stop or nasal)

So, let's get to changing the script.

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The pseudo-polynesian syllables

I hope that makes sense.
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Since not everybody is as far along as Becka and Freo, I thought some links might be in order. :D

Sounds section of the Zompist Language Construction Kit

One very helpful site is Paul Meier Dialect Service - IPA Charts, which has charts of IPA symbols that play the corresponding sound on click.

And since I mentioned IPA, here's IPA Helper, which helps with getting html code for IPA symbols.


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