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I'm just about ready to start constructing a language, but I want to figure out what's going on with my names first.

I have a hopefully-complete list of names from my Reiassan stories here: and Names-People

Using (DR) to mean the time in which Reiassan was discovered & colonization began, the Lyuda timeline is about 200 DR, the Rin timeline about 500, 550 DR, and the Steam!Callanthe timeline ~1000DR. So there can be name shift in that time.

The proto!Callenian I'm making is, for ease of timelines, ~1000 years B-DR and ~500 years B-DR.

Rule One in naming:
Royals and those with royal ancestry begin their name with a vowel.
The vowels come from words meaning the untouchable things: sky, stars, moon, sun, small-moon. (Am I missing any?) So a prefix of a- or e-, etc. connects them to the untouchable.

Problem: It's often a syllable of vowel-consonant following another syllable starting with a consonant. How do the consonants figure in there?
(Problem solved; it's not)

Rule Two: I seem to have female names ending in a or I, men in a consonant.
Exception: Rin, Zaide.

...I may be blathering...

So far I seem relatively consistent in my naming, albeit accidentally for much of it. But now I get to figure this in to proto!Callenian language, and that might be trickier.

I was thinking of having a "soft" beginning consonant denote a "non-useful" gendered word, but that means, I think, that Lyuda's parents decided she was a non-useful child.

This is hard. O_O
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Talking with Freo, Shuts, and Trix on Twitter got me thinking about genders for my proto-Callanian language.

Current-era Callanthe society differentiates between skilled and unskilled labor sociality and garb-wise - I'm still working on this, because I think that unskilled labor is an acknowledged and respected second class.

I'd mentioned splitting gender by useful and un-useful, which is not the same as skilled and un-skilled.

Which has me to

Skilled -- practical
-- theoretical
Unskilled - decorative
- practical

But I don't know if that makes any sense


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