Feb. 19th, 2012

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I have a nice series of letters that look do-able in pen-and-paper, but I am realizing, rather to my frustration, that I may have to change them based on the tool the people use to render them. :-/

I'm thinking that this started as quick stick-in-dirt characters long ago, but moved to ... um... sometihng-on-hide, then to something-on-paper. They certainly have paper now, but what do they use to write on it? Brushes? Quills?

Roman reed pens seem like a start, in part because I like the aesthetic of the thick-and-thin lines. Decent description here, art drawn with one here.

and one more site.
aldersprig: an ancient-looking world map (map)
[personal profile] aldersprig
Well, proto-alphabet
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Edited to add: I don't have numbers yet. My thoughts on numbers were:
They originated in a valley surrounded by 7 mountain peaks. Thus, their original counting was 1-7. But when they discovered base 10 math from another tribe (As they stole most things)... they needed to add 8 and 9 (and 0).

Trick is to make numbers that fit and aren't dupes of letter-shapes.


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